I dettagli nella moda – Disegnare colli e scolli – Review

2013 12 27_1

Just a quick review to set myself off.

Today i bought myself a little Xmass present, because it was half price in the book outlet Sorriso (yes there is such a thing as a book outlet, like a book remainder warehouse but on the high street)

It’s  a book in a series of text books for people studying fashion design. I have a few that explain basic pattern block construction. This book does not contain any pattern, it is just a catalogue of every possible neckline and neck decoration ever, and it is AMAZING!

Pages and pages of necks and collars and decorations, inspirations from winter jackets to day dresses to frilly evening décolleté, and even some dresses for the total drape look. It does have a sister book with photos of necklines taken from fashion shows, but i do not own it, so i can’t tell you if it is worth buying. This one is.

It is a great resource book if you are a professional fashion design or you sew for yourself, but be prepared, the sheer amount of pretty images can be pretty overwhelming.



I DETTAGLI DELLA MODA – Disegnare Colli & Scolli

Elisabetta Kuky Drudi

Ikon Editrice

ISBN 88-89628-31-7