Bohemian dress preview

Just a little taster of what i am working on at the moment, a bohemian dress using only stash supplies.


Here i am taking to the sleeves Edwardian lace that came from a long time defunct silk and cotton skirt.


How to buy a Necchi Supernova – A guide in way too many useless steps

Supernova mark 2 freearm

  • 1) Decide you really need a sewing machine. This is the most important step. The decisions can be unconscious but it must be there. Sewing machines, like cars, don’t just happen.
  • 2) Look up dealers in town, take the bus, see places you never saw before. Half decide on a Janome, because it’s a sensible machine.
  • 3) Go to the last place on your list, a repair shop more than a dealer, run by an old man, his daughter and an old school socialist mechanic. They have working machines in the front and a whole scrapyard of machine and bits and bobs in the back. Fall in love with a Necchi Supernova.
  • 4) Explain to you mother the difference between a vintage Necchi and a new Janome in these terms. The Necchi is an 60′ red Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, prone to it’s own quirks, the Jenome is a 2010 Audi, grey, fully accessorised and reliable, but which is the car you would rather be driving?
  • 5) Go on eBay and get annoyed at the Americans, because everything second hand costs way less in American than in Europe. Pity, because the the americans are nice people.
  • 6) Be offered but decline a basic used Husqvarna. It does the job, but it’s as exciting as driving a used Skoda.
  • 7) Join a Necchi forum, read too many reviews of too many machines on other sites. Get confused.
  • 8) You bossy grandmother takes offence you had not asked for her used sewing machine, a 50′ perfectly working Elna that only has one speed: supersonic.
  • 9) Have a go in the shop with the Necchi. Drive around the bend the people selling it with your indecision.
  • 10) Get side-tracked by a Logica from a man that wants way too much money for it.
  • 11) Panic about what machine to get. Have nightmare about owning 15 sewing machines.
  • 12) Bid on a Bernina 1008 on eBay, well, because it’s a Bernina, who could say no to the perfect Bernina at a reasonable price. Get out sniped.
  • 13) Stop fuffying about and go and buy the Necchi. Daughter does not know where father put the accessory box.
  • 14) Return the next day. Machine will not fit in suitcase. Again go home without.
  • 15) Get machine delivered in the evening. Place it on the table. Get excited about new baby. Stroke it to for a good measure.
  • 16) Wear 50s dress, drink too much punch*. Be quite pleased about the whole retro look.

*recipe for 1.5L punch, if anybody cares.
1 part cedar liquor 15% (and goes to the knees)
2 part water
1 tea spoon of vanilla essence
2 table spoons of sugar
½ apple, sliced.

This was first posted on the 30th of May 2012 on the Necchi Sewing Machine Club

I dettagli nella moda – Disegnare colli e scolli – Review

2013 12 27_1

Just a quick review to set myself off.

Today i bought myself a little Xmass present, because it was half price in the book outlet Sorriso (yes there is such a thing as a book outlet, like a book remainder warehouse but on the high street)

It’s  a book in a series of text books for people studying fashion design. I have a few that explain basic pattern block construction. This book does not contain any pattern, it is just a catalogue of every possible neckline and neck decoration ever, and it is AMAZING!

Pages and pages of necks and collars and decorations, inspirations from winter jackets to day dresses to frilly evening décolleté, and even some dresses for the total drape look. It does have a sister book with photos of necklines taken from fashion shows, but i do not own it, so i can’t tell you if it is worth buying. This one is.

It is a great resource book if you are a professional fashion design or you sew for yourself, but be prepared, the sheer amount of pretty images can be pretty overwhelming.



I DETTAGLI DELLA MODA – Disegnare Colli & Scolli

Elisabetta Kuky Drudi

Ikon Editrice

ISBN 88-89628-31-7